Issue 4, 2021

R. A. Orekhov

Ob argumentatsii Iu. Ia. Perepelkina v pol'zu perevoda na russkii iazyk egipetskogo termina "meret" (mr.t) slovom "cheliad" [Perepelkin’s arguments in favour of translating an Egyptian mr.t as ‘tchelyad’]

In the paper, a problem of translating an Egyptian term mr.t on Russian is discussed. This term relates to people cultivating the land in kings’, officials’ and temple households. T. N. Savelieva was the first one who proposed to translate this term with an Old Russian word ‘tchelyad’. Probably in this way she tried to avoid using ‘slaves’ in context of Old Egyptian economic relations. Thus, T. N. Savelieva shared an oppinion of a prominent Soviet Egyptologist Yu. Ya. Perepelkin.

mr.t, tchelyad, slavery in Ancient Egypt, Yu. Ya. Perepelkin, T. N. Savelieva.

Original language — Russian.

DOI: 10.24412/2686-9276-2021-00022.

Referring: Orekhov R. А. Yu. Ya. Perepelkin’s arguments in favour of translating an Egyptian mr.t as ‘tchelyad’ [in Russian] // Egypt and neighbouring countries 4 (2021): 88–92. DOI: 10.24412/2686-9276-2021-00022.

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