Issue 1, 2023

S. V. Ivanov

Statuary of the tomb of Tjay (ТТ 23)

There are a few statues of the tomb owner and the Osirian triad in the interior of the tomb of Tjay in the Theban necropolis (TT 23, 19th Dynasty). The figures are carved out of the massive of rock and sunk into walls inside niches. As far as they are not detachable from the walls, these images can be considered high relief rather than true sculpture-in-round. Besides these statues, the tomb contained other figures, fragments of which were identified among loose blocks scattered around the tomb. These figures were standing alone statues, the most probable original location of which was the courtyard of the tomb.

Theban necropolis, the tomb of Tjay, TT 23, tomb-temple, mortuary cult, statuary, figure of recumbent jackal.

Original language — English.

DOI: 10.24412/2686-9276-2023-00002.

Referring: Ivanov S. V. Statuary of the tomb of Tjay (ТТ 23) // Egypt and neighbouring countries 1 (2023): 12–30. DOI: 10.24412/2686-9276-2023-00002.

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