Issue 3, 2020

M. V. Romashova, E. Yu. Chepel, Ya. A. Shavrin

Iz istorii rossiiskikh papirologicheskikh sobranii: katalog A. A. Pal'nikova [From the history of Russian papyrus collections: catalogue of A. A. Palnikov]

General A. A. Palnikov (1857–1917) started to assemble his collection of Egyptian antiquities in 1895. He wrote the manuscript catalogue of the collection of his private museum in 1908–1909. Both the catalogue and collection itself are now held in the Museum of history of Perm University, where they came after Palnikov’s death. In the article, we offer the history of creation of the catalogue, as well as its description and analysis of its structure. We also discuss the value of this catalogue as evidence on private collecting in the Russian Empire. In annex to the paper, we publish the brief history of the collection written by Palnikov and the catalogue section on papyrus fragments.

University History Museum of Perm State University, Russian papyrus collections, history of Russian collections of Egyptian antiquities, A. A. Palnikov, history of Egyptology in Russia.

Original language — Russian.

DOI: 10.24412/2686-9276-2020-00010.

Referring: Romashova M. V., Chepel E. Yu., Shavrin Ya. A. From the history of Russian papyrus collections: catalogue of A. A. Palnikov [in Russian] // Egypt and neighbouring countries 3 (2020): 49–75. DOI: 10.24412/2686-9276-2020-00010.

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