Issue 2, 2019

E. Yu. Chepel

Obraz inostrantsa i inostrannogo v drevnegrecheskoi tragedii [The image of foreigners and foreignness in Greek tragedy]

In the article, a critical overview of various approaches to the portrayal of eastern peoples, including Egyptians, in ancient Greek tragedy is given. The author discusses existing scholarship on the image of foreigners and foreignness in tragedy. In the second part of the article, external markers of foreignness in tragedy are analyzed: clothes, appearance, geographical names, ethnography, language and speech, and foreign music. The analysis shows that Egyptians in dramatic works (tragedies), along with representatives of other peoples and cultures, fulfill specific poetic tasks of the playwright, namely, to evoke emotions of fear and astonishment in the audience and to increase the distance between the audience and the dramatic action. These generic features should be taken into account when using information on Egypt and Egyptians in Greek tragedies.

Greek sources on the history of Egypt, ancient Greek tragedy, image of foreigner.

Original language — Russian.

DOI: 10.24411/2686-9276-2019-00016.

Referring: Chepel E. Yu. The image of foreigners and foreignness in Greek tragedy [in Russian] // Egypt and neighbouring countries 2 (2019): 40–56. DOI: 10.24411/2686-9276-2019-00016.

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