Issue 1, 2018

O. V. Orfinskaia

Drevneegipetskie sandalii iz grobnitsy chinovnika Chai (TT 23) [Ancient Egyptian sandals from the tomb of Tchai (ТТ 23)]

In 2014 in the tomb of Tchai (TT 23) in Luxor the CES RAS archaeological mission found a pair of sandals with soles consisting of three layers, a plaited palm leaf midsole and papyrus insole and treadsole, which allows to classify these sandals as belonging to the 3rd, composite, group according to the typology by A. Veldmeijer. Sandals have some individual peculiarities — sole edges had been reinforced with papyrus, but were not sewn afterwards. Most likely, making of such sandals was not money- and time-consuming, did not require many professional skills from craftsmen. Footwear of this kind was mass production and could be used by all layers of society. I presume that it was worn by poor people on special occasions. The find can be cautiously dated to the Late Period.

Ancient Egypt, Ancient Egyptian footwear, sandals, Luxor, Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, ТТ 23, tomb of Tchai.

Original language — Russian.

DOI: 10.24411/2686-9276-2018-00002

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