Issue 1, 2018

R. A. Orekhov

Eshche raz k voprosu o Belykh Stenakh [Some more considerations on the White Walls issue]

It is a common knowledge among scholars that at the site, where Memphis appeared afterwards the White Walls fortress had existed. However, it is not an archaeological fact, but only a hypothesis proposed by K. Sethe in 1905. In his opinion, this fortress was founded after the Upper Egypt had conquered Delta and became a conditional border between them, a political center from where king Menes’ (historical Narmer) ruled the country.
This paper considers K. Sethe’s theory in light of the latest archaeological data, which show that this capital (if it really existed) could appear not earlier than the 3rd Dynasty. Moreover, it could be equally situated in the area of historic Memphis, near the Apries palace, and on the territory of Heliopolis, one of the most ancient cult centers in Egypt.

White Walls, Memphis, Apries palace, Hierakonpolis, Abidos, Naqada II, Heliopolis.

Original language — Russian.

DOI: 10.24411/2686-9276-2018-00001

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